ECLIPSE PRP® HC Success System


Eclipse PRP® is an autologous system that allows physicians to prepare platelet-rich plasma at the patient point of care. The platelet-rich plasma is optimally concentrated with minimal amounts of contaminating red and white blood cells. This system has been safely used in hundreds of thousands of procedures worldwide.



Eclipse PRP® Success System: 

Eclipse PRP® HC 22mL and/or 11ml tubes and Blood Draw Kit

1 Eclipse PRP® HC 22mL Tube Kit (for training)

1 Easy Spin Centrifuge - Supports 11mL and 22mL Tubes.

1 22mL Counter Balance Tube

Eclipse Tube Holder - Supports 11mL & 22mL Tubes



50 Patient Brochures

Table Top Marketing Display

3 Office Marketing Clings

Online Marketing Tools



In-Office Training

Ongoing Local Support



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